Excel Excels!

December 18, 2009

Interesting article last week about the Top 10 Trends in Analytics, Business Intelligence and Performance Management for 2010 here:


Over the next few weeks we will be exploring each of these trends in greater detail for our student community here.  But the one that interests all of us at ATI most is the prediction that Excel will continue to provide the dominant paradigm for end-user BI consumption. With the launch of Excel 2010 with enhanced charting, collaborative and conditional formatting features, Excel is more powerful than ever before. The BI world can truly be divided in to B.E (before Excel) and A.E (after Excel) – and you don’t want to know how companies managed before Excel!!

Excel has many features that even old hands don’t know about, and fidgeting with its ‘Help’ feature is as good a way as any to spend a quiet day in the office.

For today, we leave you with this tiny featurette that we can bet most of you didn’t know about. Did you know that you could remove duplicates from a long list of entries using the Advanced Filter feature?

Just click on Data > Filter> Advanced Filter and select the column with duplicated entries in List Range. Select Copy to Another Location and click on ‘Unique Records Only’. Now, go to “Copy to” and select the starting point where you would like to see your unduplicated list.

And voila!

You don’t even need to sort the rows before doing this!

If you have any other interesting Excel Tricks that you would like to share with us, write to us. We are always willing to learn!!