We are proud to announce that Jithender, a student of ATI Bangalore got selected in TCS as SAS Programmer.

We congratulate Jithender on his success and wish him all the Best for his future endeavours.

A Great piece of news for all Bangalore’ians who want to learn Ms Access, ATI is launching MS Access course.

Course outline –

RDBMS concepts

  • Fields and  Keys  (primary composite and foreign key), Relationships, Building the DB, Relational Tables, Importing and Exporting

Queries with Access

  • Sort, Retrieve and Analyze data, Reports and Managing Access Database.

User forms in Access

  • Creating, Designing and modifying user forms.

Duration – 18 Hrs.

For counseling regarding our courses, you can reach us at – 9611117256 or mail us at info@analyticstraining.in

Upcoming Events –

Online training –

We are soon launching online courses, wherein the students will have liberty to sit at home and take up the courses.

For more details on online courses call us at –9632690421 or mail us at info@analyticstraining.in.


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