Calculating Numbers on MS Word

April 8, 2010

Business Analyst Manish Tripathi teaches you how to avoid jumping between Word and Excel

Have you ever wished that you could perf simple basic calculations while working on Word? You are preparing a project estimate and suddenly you felt the need of simple arithmetic operations to be performed. What do you do then? The obvious way is to open an Excel spreadsheet and do calculations there or open the desktop Calculator and calculate.

Well, why to take so much pains when you already have the facility in Word. Surprised??

Welcome to Calculate!!!

So where do we find the Calculate tool?? For that my friend you need to explore MS Word a bit. Frightened? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out J

By default Calculate command is not on the Ribbon, but we will bring it there.

Follow the steps to locate Calculate Tool:


The Office Logo on Word–>Word Options –> Customize.

Under Choose Commands from drop down, select All Commands

Under All Commands select Calculate. Click On Add to include it in the adjacent Quick Access Toolbar

Select Ok

You will notice that a round Green Button appears on the Quick Access Toolbar(beside the Office Logo)

Now in order to find the sum of Two nos. For e.g. 13.5+47.5

Write the two nos. whose sum is to be found just like the above. Select them by moving the mouse over them and press the green Calculate button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

And voila, the result is displayed briefly on the status bar at the bottom.

Apart from the Addition, the Calculate tool performs six arithmetic operations:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentage , Exponentiation and Roots.

So, the next time you need some basic calculations to be performed while writing , you know what to use!!!


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  1. Mandeep Says:

    Quiet helpful info. It will help for not to open excel for minor calculations while working on word file.

    Thanks. Pls keep sharing such helpful info.


  2. roohul Says:

    Hey,that was interesting!alas, been working with excel for 12 years on arithematic

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